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Date Posted   -    Subject    -    Submitter

01-15-2015:  Rulebook Page: National Qualifying Events, Section 2 updated; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

01-15-2015:  Student Page:  State Officer Candidate Information; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

01-07-2015:  Achievement-Awards Page:  Replaced Statesman Degree Study Guide; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

12-19-2014:  Index Page & BOD Page:  Notification of Winter BOD Meeting: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

12-19-2014:  Scholarship Page: pdf file for Application replaced: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

11-11-2014:  Rulebook Page: Specific Rules for On-Site UTE Events Section; "Downhill Challenge": Submitted by: Pamela Cook

11-11-2014:  Board of Directors Page: Board Of Directors meeting minutes July 2014: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

11-11-2014:  Rulebook Page: Final Rulebook: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

11-08-2014:  Rulebook Page: Updates and Clarifications section added: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

10-24-2014: Board of Directors Page: Listing State Contest Director; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

10-24-2014:  Contact Page: Listing State Contest Director contact information: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

10-11-2014:  Conference Page: Conference information and Registration Forms, Kerrville, TX: Submitted by: Curtis Green

10-10-2014:  Conference Page: Conference information, Kerrville, TX:

Submitted by: Pamela Cook, Curtis Green

10-07-2014:  Fall Newsletter: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

10-07-2014:  New picture of Student Officers: Submitted by: Pamela Cook


09-29-2014:  Draft copy of Rulebook: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

09-10-2014:  Update to Achievement Recognition Page; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

09-10-2014:  Updates to Membership Page; Submitted by: Pamela Cook

09-01-2014:  Updated information on Board of Directors Page, Statesman Study Guide and Contact Page: Submitted by: Pamela Cook


08-25-2014:  Board of Director Page; update information: Submitted by: Richard Broussard

08-23-2014:  Update and add information on index page: Submitted by: Pamela Cook

08-17-2014:  Update and move website


07-24-2014: Graphics on Contest Page - Correction on date:  Submitted by: Curtis Green

06-10-2014: Graphic on Contest Page: Submitted by: Rachel Baxter

04-16-2014: Contact Page: Alumni Person contact information; Submitted by: Richard Broussard

03-07-2014:  Contest Page: 2014 Promotional Graphics Project Submission Information:  Submitted by: Ricky Broussard

02-11-2014:  Newsletter Page: Spring 2014 Newsletter; Submitted by: Curtis Green

01-22-2014:  Contest Page: 2014 High School Section, VEX Robotics Competition and Front of Book revised; Submitted by: Charles Worley

01-12-2014: Contest Page: 2014 Contest Information; Submitted by: Rachel Baxter

01-10-2014: Contest Page: 2014 Contest Information; Submitted by: Jennifer O'Brian


12-08-2013: 2014-2015 State Officer Application; Submitted by: Curtis Green

12-02-2013: Rulebook revised; Submitted by: Charles Worley


11-26-2013: Handbook 2013-2014 Page: Submitted by: Karen Ripperger


10-26-2013:  Sponsorship Page; Sponsorship Prospectus 2014 file:  Submitted by: Curtis Green

10-19-2013:  Updated: 2013-2014 Trebuchet Rules;  Submitted by: Jennifer O'Brian

10-17-2013:  Update; Rulebook Page and Contest Page; change to submissions for Promotional Graphics for Texas State Contest; Submitted by: Charles Worley

10-08-2013:  Update; Conference Page:  Leadership Conference Information files:  Submitted by: Curtis Green

10-03-2013:  Updates; Rulebook Page, Rulebook added; Submitted by: Charles Worley

10-03-2013:  Updates; Leadership Conference Page,  Board of Directors Page, Scholarship Page & Board of Director position nomination form:  Submitted by: Charles Worley


09-08-2013: Fall 2013 Newsletter; Submitted by: Curtis Green


08-22-2013: Contest Page: 2014 Project Submission requirements; Submitted by: Charles Worley

08-15-2013:  Membership Page update; Submitted by: Karen Ripperger

08-15-2013:  Board Of Directors Page: Summer BOD Meeting; Submitted by: Charles Worley


07-31-2013: Board of Directors update; Texas TSA Statesman Study Guide 2013-2014; Submitted by: Charles Worley

07-18-2013:  Board of Directors update; Submitted by: Charles Worley

07-09-2013:  Home Page; dates for Texas TSA Statewide Leadership Conference, Texas TSA Contest and Conference & National TSA Conference; dates added to Contest Page and Conference Page: Submitted by: Curtis Green


06-18-2013:  Home Page (TTSA Summer Board Meeting)  & Board Of Directors Page updates; Submitted by: Charles Worley


05-08-2013:  Home Page and Student Page; picture of Student Officers; Submitted by: Curtis Green


03-28-2013:  Contest Page:  Updated information on the following events:  Middle School Website Design NQE;  High School Webmaster NQE;  Submitted by: Charles Worley

03-20-2013:  2013 Contest Page:  Promotional Graphics submissions; Rachel Baxter; Texas TSA Contest Director

03-06-2013: Newsletter Page: 2013 Spring Newsletter; Submitted by: Curtis Green


02-18-2013: Rulebook: Changes 4; Submitted by: Charles Worley

02-12-2013: Rulebook: Changes 3; RC Flight; Submitted by: Charles Worley


01-31-2013:  Rulebook: Changes; Submitted by: Charles Worley

01-24-2013:  2013 Contest Page:  Change to the rulebook; Submitted by: Charles Worley

                   Contest Page:   Addition to the VEX competition; Submitted by: Charles Worley

01-20-2013:  2013 Contest Page: Contest Workers Form & Volunteer Judges Form: Rachel Baxter; Texas TSA Contest Director

01-10-2013:  Applications Page: 2013-2014 Texas TSA State Officer Application; Submitted by: Curtis Green

01-08-2013:  2013 Contest Page: VEX Robotics Event Information; Submitted by: Charles Worley

01-08-2013:  Contest Page: Source - Rachel Baxter; Texas TSA Contest Director

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