General Information (OLD)

2020 State Conference

The [year] Texas TSA State Conference is almost here! Are you ready? Find out about all the details and information you have to know.

When: [contestdates]
Where: Fort Worth Convention Center
Future State Conferences

April 8-10, 2021

April 21-23, 2022

April 13-15, 2023

Fort Worth Convention Center


Will open February 15, 2020


2019 Conference Schedule At A Glance

Conference Hotels  

All hotel rooms will be booked through the Texas TSA hotel block.  Any school booking outside of conference block will incur a penalty of $100/attendee registered for that chapter.  Additionally, all schools participating in on-site events, will be required to stay on-site in the hotel block.  The only exception to this policy, are schools who are within a 20 mile radius of the Fort Worth Convention Center. 

Hotel Blocks are limited to 30 rooms per block.  If you require more rooms than 30, you may make multiple requests but are not guaranteed to be booked at the same hotel.

Housing Block Request

Bus Parking

Bus Parking, Box Truck Parking and Project Parking (prior to project check-in) must purchase a Parking Pass.  Parking Passes are $50 per vehicle and are purchased through the Conference Registration system.  The FWCC will NOT allow the parking of any box truck, trailers or projects in the FWCC parking garage.

The address is 1522 Rockwood Lane  Fort Worth TX 76114 (behind the Fort Worth ISD service center on Rockwood Lane)– There is paid Security on this lot and it is the BEST option for your project parking.

Competition Information

When you check in you will be given entry labels to be attached to your entries. One designated person from each region has been tasked with getting the data turned in on or before March 26, 2018.

Labels should be placed on the back of projects or portfolios. For onsite events with no portfolio, your label will be used an entrance ticket.

NQE Adjustments

Please read the following two attachments regarding rules and adjustments to NQE events for State.  Please pass on this information to your students.

  • HS NQE Adjustments
  • MS NQE Adjustments

Pre-Submit Competitions
More information about Pre-submit competitions will be posted as the competition date gets closer.

Written Exam and Graphic Solutions

Registration is required for. Instructor must turn in the completed exam registration sheet before 2 p.m., To the registration desk. We need a list of your student(s), their ID #, and the test and/or graphic solution(s) they will each be taking. It helps if you have them broken out according to session #1 or session #2 also. Each qualified student will then receive a pass to enter the exam.

Texas Projects

Please use the prescribed form for Texas Projects Documentation.

Code Of Ethics

All TSA Members will adhere to the National Code of Ethics as stated on the national website.

Lunch Pre-Orders

All lunch pre-orders should be emailed to Virginia Taylor with Trinity F & B Services.
Lunches will be available daily at 11:30 am for pick-up at the Fort Worth Convention Center.


Texas TSA Day at Six Flags – Sunday, April 19, 2020

More information coming soon!


Dress Code

National Qualifying Events:

The 2018-2019,  minimum dress requirements for NQEs at State Contest will follow National TSA requirements as defined in the National TSA Competitive Events Guide. No exceptions will be made.
1. The official TSA royal blue dress shirt is required.  See rules for specific event for tie and jacket requirements.
2. Dress skirt or pants – Gray
3. Black dress shoes or dress boots – females can wear open-toe shoes or dress sandals – No flip-flops.

Remember your team can be penalized for not following dress codes rules in all NQE events. The National TSA 2018-2019 Dress Code =

Unique to Texas Events (Projects and On-Site):

1. Students are required to wear a shirt with a collar, button up or polo.  No logos on shirt, except for TSA logos (Chapter, State, or National) will be allowed.

2. Pants must be without holes or fraying.  Jeans are allowed providing they are free of holes and tears.  NO shorts allowed at any time during the conference!