Statesman Degree

The Texas TSA Statesman degree recognizes TSA members who excel in knowledge of the organizations foundation and history.  There are two levels to the Statesman degree (1) The Lone Star (2) The Texan.  The two levels must be taken in order.  To obtain the Lone Star a member must take the Lone Star exam at a Regional or State Level Leadership Conference. A minimum score of 75% must be attained to earn the Lone Star.  The Texan exam is given twice  a year at the State Leadership Conference in Kerrville, TX and at the State Contest in Fort Worth, TX.  To obtain the Texan,  the Lone Star degree must be earned first and then a minimum score of 80% must be earned on the Texan exam.

In order to administer the Lone Star Test at your regional conference, please email the Executive Director, Pamela Cook for more details. 

Texas TSA Statesman Degree Study Guide 21/22