Officer Elections

Information about officer elections. Learn how to vote by watching this video.

Officer Candidates: President

Abraham Haggerty

My name is Abraham Haggerty, I am running for your Texas TSA President! I believe Texas has the friendliest group of competitors, and I hope that I can help inspire more students to join TSA and gain experience in a technical field. Since joining TSA in sixth grade, I have gained valuable leadership experience and have been presented opportunities that taught me more than what is in the classroom. Through my experience at regional office, I have learned to follow through on my commitments, and lead by example to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed through their principles and values. I want to encourage others to make their voices heard, and together we can lead the way for Texas to become the standard that other state chapters strive to become. If elected, I will take the initiative in giving students the opportunity to give back to the community and learn life-long lessons learned only with TSA. #ElPasoStrong #TexasStrong

Caroline McCall

Howdy Texas TSA, I am running to be your 2020-2021 State President. After serving for a fantastic year as your secretary, I am prepared to lead our outstanding delegation. This past year, the officer team focused on the expansion of our social media platforms and an exploration and startup of the regional officer initiative. For the upcoming year, I would like to continue the work this year’s team has done in order to further the impact of the positive changes we began. I will also bring to the table a new objective to increase our collaboration with other CTSOs. This line of communication will allow us to build collaborative communities; furthermore, it will also strengthen our great state as a whole in regards to advocacy for career and technology student organizations. I believe that all CTSOs should be working toward a common goal of promoting growth, rather than competing against each other. Collaboration will be an excellent method to support our mission of enhancing “personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)” I look forward to seeing y’all at State!

Faith Ajanaku

When I think of TSA, memories I have accumulated since my freshman year, when my school’s TSA chapter was created, to now as a junior at John Dubiski Career High School, are what come to mind. From nerve-wracking moments at regionals to late-night roommate conversations at state, and placing 5th as a national finalist with my Webmaster team, I have created joyous memories and friends from different cities, states, and countries. During my sophomore year, I served as reporter and I currently represent TSA as part of my school district’s Student Leadership Team. Through those roles, I have informed students, community members, and government officials about TSA, its role in my life, and gained a unique insight into how I want to serve as president. With the utilization of my leadership experiences and value in creating meaningful connections, I assure you that I can humbly serve you as Texas TSA president and become a part of your memories. At state, I want to learn about your valuable TSA memories and if given the honor of becoming your Texas TSA President, every decision, thought, and moment will be to ensure that your TSA experience is filled with faithful memories.

Jesse Corvin

Howdy there, beloved member of our fine program known as Texas TSA. I am Jesse Corvin, your TSA State President candidate for 2020! Now, why choose ME? Well, I’ll have you informed that I currently serve as my chapter’s Reporter, in which I effectively communicate to my community of West about our members’ revolutionary achievements. As President, it would be my consistent duty and personal passion to make even greater strides in bringing representation to the things that matter, as well as bridging the gap between our program and the real world. The events we participate in deserve to be spotlighted for all to see – to show that you work hard at what you love. To indicate to the world that you are achieving greatness! After all, we strive for the beyond in the first place to receive not only accolades, but genuine honor. Unlike some, I care about what you do. I plan to represent you, and it would be an honor to work with our statewide team to ensure that we are ALL equally represented. The innovators. The dreamers. If you elect me as your President, I will strive to show off the TSA members’ excellence.

Savio Le

Howdy Texas TSA! My name is Savio Le. I am currently a junior at Bridgeland High School in Cypress, Tx and I am running to be your next State President! For the past year, I have had the honor of serving as your State Reporter. As Reporter, I promoted our great organization through social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Furthermore, I also advocated for more funding for TSA at the State Capital in Austin. My journey in TSA started 4 years ago as an 8th grader looking for a way to miss out on some school and travel with some friends. Little did I know,at the time, that this organization would shape me into the person I am today and allow me to meet so many amazing people from all over the state. Before being elected as a state officer, I served as the Brazos Valley Regional Reporter and held numerous leadership positions within my chapter. As an accomplished TSA member, I have what it takes to lead this organization on the path of prosperity. A vote for me is a vote for building off the past achievements of the previous officer team. See you at State!

Zuhayr Haq

Hello everyone, my name is Zuhayr Haq, a Junior from Foster High School, and I’m running to be your next 2020-2021 TSA State President. I understand what a great and esteemed position I’ve chosen to run for, and I fully believe I will be able to take the responsibilities that come with it. TSA is all about you guys and I can’t wait to meet everyone! In the meantime here’s a bit about me: My favorite event is Digital Video Production because I love videography and editing. Fun Factz: My favorite Ice Cream Flavor is Cookies and Cream and I don’t curse at all 😀 I’m a very fun and enthusiastic person. I’m in various clubs and organizations at school including TSA of course. I joined TSA my freshman year, not knowing what it was, and I’m sure glad I did. TSA has opened so many new doors for me I would have never fathomed before. It also brought me true friends I can count on. Enough about me though, I’m really excited to talk to all of you to see what kind of ideas you have in store for TSA as I share my own. See you at State!

Officer Candidates: Vice President

Breylan Bize

My name is Breylan Bize and I am running to be your Texas TSA State VP. The reason for my decision to run for candidacy, is due to the ideas that I have and would love to be better heard and brought to the table. In addition to that, I would love to make a positive impact on this organization that has made such a positive impact on me. Many of my ideas revolve around “updating” TSA by further integrating social media and advancing the technological aspect of our club. Smaller ideas I feel would be beneficial to implement range from further developing and continuing to form regional officer teams that would increase communication, to initiating more events to aid ACS. I can genuinely say that I am grateful for all that I personally have been given the opportunity to accomplish within this organization; my experience has stemmed from working on my chapter’s officer team for four years, my region’s officer team for three years, and then the state leadership team this past year, all of these incredible experiences have allowed me to further gain an understanding of our incredible organization. Let’s work together to make a difference.

Gowri Rangu

Howdy, Texas TSA! It’s your State Treasurer, Gowri, and I am running to be YOUR next Texas TSA Vice President. From showing off our Texas spirit (Yee-haw!) at Nationals to representing TSA at the state capitol, I have cherished my time as your State Treasurer, and I hope to continue my service for Texas TSA. As your Vice President, I will continue to grow and expand Texas TSA’s social media presence and will work to connect chapters from all over the state with each other. Moreover, I aim to modify Texas TSA’s website by making it more user-friendly and adding new features for our members. Finally, I will work to collaborate with other CTSOs such as DECA and HOSA, so Texas TSA can share and gain ideas that would be beneficial to our organization. Together, I believe that we can continue to grow as an organization and inspire a shared vision to make this coming year the best Texas TSA has ever seen! I can’t wait to see and meet you all at the upcoming state conference; we’re going to have a great time! Vote Gowri Rangu for VP!

Officer Candidates: Secretary

Kaylee Ngitit

Hey Texas TSA! My name is Kaylee Ngitit and I’m running to be your next Texas TSA State Secretary! I’m a junior at Bridgeland High School in Cypress, Texas, and I joined TSA my freshman year not knowing that it would take me on this amazing journey. I’ve made so many memories ever since I’ve joined and I cannot wait to see where this organization will take me. TSA has opened several doors for me and has blessed me with so many leadership opportunities in the chapter, regional, and even state level. TSA is a grand passion of mine and I would love to have the chance to expand more on my leadership skills and my TSA experience while I’m still in high school. I’ve worked alongside Texas TSA by being apart of the Texas TSA State Leadership Team this past school year, and watching our state officers pull everything off for our TSA members has inspired me to run for office. I strive to make an effective and positive influence on the members of TSA, satisfy the duties of secretary, and represent the students who are apart of this incredible organization. Thank you and see you in Fort Worth!

Natalie Chavez

The reason I decided to run for State TSA President was because TSA really interest me based on all the activities out TSA chapter has done. I believe I would make a good candidate for President because I have past experiences on being a leader as I said I am president for Student Council and TSA. I believe a make a great leader and I work very well in teams or on my own and I was also in robotics for three years which also helped me become a more experienced team member and leader. If I were able to run as President I will always be there whenever I am needed, so please consider me as a candidate, thank you.

Nitya Jagarlamudi

Hello Texas TSA! My name is Nitya Jagarlamudi, and I am running to be your next Texas TSA State Secretary. I am a sophomore at Longview High School in Longview, Texas, and as I enter my fourth year of TSA, I am still stunned by the endless possibilities TSA provides. Whether it be through learning valuable life lessons at our Kerrville leadership camps or competing against some of the most brilliant students of our state, my TSA experience has played a great role in preparing me for my future endeavors. This past year, I have had the pleasure of serving as both Chapter Reporter and Regional Secretary, both having been opportunities that have given me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and grow as a leader. Now, I hope to be able to take the leadership qualities I’ve gained over the last few years to the state level to continue empowering the members of Texas TSA to become the leaders of tomorrow! I wish everyone the best of luck in their competitions, and I can’t wait to meet all of you in April!

Taylor Guillory

I am interested in running for secretary because taking on this position requires leader ship. When reflecting on the opportunity of being secretary I will be available as possible. I feel that I have what it takes; good communication skills, cooperation and experience. Since I am in rolled in ROTC I have learned that teamwork is key. For instance, I am the cadence caller of my platoon at Goose Creek Memorial High School. I got this spot by my punctuality, leader ship and respect. I understand that there are different positions that people are capable of and being a cadence caller, takes independence and integrity.

Officer Candidates: Reporter

Emily Dunn

I am aspiring to be the Texas TSA state reporter because I have an affinity for this association and feel inclined to improve communication within it. As the daughter of two former journalists, I was raised with a strong foundation in media. I would like to use my skills to amplify student voices and advocate for members’ concerns through technological outreach. I will also work towards broadening state-wide recognition of our organization by starting dialogue with related publicity platforms. Within each member of TSA is a multitude of untapped potential, and the rest of Texas should know that. Let’s make this state know that TSA is more than airport security!

Hailey Nycum

Hi Texas TSA! My Name is Hailey Nycum from George Ranch High School! I’m a junior currently in my 4th year of TSA. When I was a junior high student, I looked at TSA and thought, “Hey, that’ll be cool for a college application.” Flash forward to today, and I am amazed by how TSA has changed my life. I have always found new ways to fill my schedule with clubs like National Honor Society, Student Council, or other activities like volunteering and working a part-time job; however, I still never felt complete without TSA. I have met the most inspiring people from state and national conferences as well as the state leadership team. I have also grown to find my voice in this always-changing world. This organization has led me to chase a new dream to help others find their voice, whether it’s through creating a dragster car, presenting a speech, sewing clothes, or any of the other wonderful opportunities TSA provides. I believe running for state reporter will bring me one step closer to achieving my dream. I can’t wait to meet everyone in Fort Worth! Make sure to give a howdy for Hailey!

Max Lozano

Stay connected! I enjoy connecting people to knowledge and pursuing that knowledge for both myself and others. It’s my personal belief that if we stand together and are connected, we can accomplish the impossible. The creation of creative energy through STEM and embracing inner creativity between my fellow peers is my passion; furthermore, seeing the sparks of joy when they figure out how to solve a problem or shared laughs when we make mistakes is what I believe is us growing together. My shared experiences by involving others in TSA is why I plan to be reporting on the small and big happenings throughout all of Texas! Awareness is the medium of student voice and if both are lost then everyone is unheard. Being able to share the bright and negative side is why I report. We need active communication to make the bright side brighter and the negatives positives. Through student choice I will be your voice to ensure no TSA member’s concerns are gone unheard.

Tyler Guillory

I am interest in the Texas TSA Leadership position because I see it as a opportunity to develop & hone skills as a reporter that would be beneficial in letting others know of news they would need to hear. When I came across TSA I seen it as a organization that would allow me to work with others and enjoy doing the technical activities.As regional reporter I have had some experience in the reporter position. Although it is my first year in TSA ,and very much new to this I would love to learn the ropes and experience what TSA leadership truly means.

Officer Candidates: Treasurer

Abhay Asokan

Hi, my name is Abhay Asokan. I am a current junior at the prestigious Shadow Creek High School. The Technology Student Association (TSA), is an excellent program that I am able to take part in. TSA has taught me many skills that include leadership, initiative, and the ability to face my fears. Because TSA has given me all of those skills, I want to give back to the TSA. So, this year I decided to run for a state officer position. I feel that running for an officer position will help me improve my skills, help me in the future, and help me find ways to help other people.

Gabriel Gomez

My name is Gabriel Gomez and I am from Bryan, Texas. I have been a TSA member since 2017 and have had the privilege of serving as treasurer for my chapter all three years; I am also currently serving as treasurer for my region. Over the course of my time as treasurer, I have developed, helped manage, and learned invaluable experience from several fundraising activities. My goal is to use my knowledge from the chapter and regional level, along with the support of the rest of the state officer team, to provide better allocation of financial resources, maintain good financial standing through the execution of ideas regarding the increasing of the treasury, and ensure that Texas TSA does its part in effectively fundraising for the national TSA partner, the American Cancer Society. See you at state!

Millan Misra

Hello, Texas TSA! My name is Millan Misra, and I am running to become your next Texas TSA State Treasurer. I’m currently a junior at George Ranch High School in Richmond, Texas. I have thoroughly dedicated myself to TSA for four years and counting, and I’ve come to realize that this club is more about the people in it than anything else. When I think of TSA, I remember the moments I shared with the people who have come to be my closest friends. Whether it was at leadership camp in Kerrville, crowded hotels at Nationals, or a cluttered workshop at my school, for me, the atmosphere of TSA was a phenomenon that no other place could recreate. I was just there so much that I began to gravitate towards the only other people who stayed as long as I did – the leaders. The hours added up, and I became a leadership member on the fundraising committee, and then just worked my way up until I became my chapter’s treasurer. And if I were elected to serve as your next Texas TSA State Treasurer, I won’t hesitate to put in that same work for each and every one of you.

Officer Candidates: Sergeant-At-Arms

Graciela Bachu

Hey TSA Members, My name is Graciela Bachu and I am need your vote to be elected Sergeant-at-Arms! I’ve been in TSA since 7th grade, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve always had a passion for competition, but TSA fanned my flame. I learned new skills, and ways to better my old ones. I found a second family and a supportive community. TSA wasn’t the only thing I’ve been a part of though. Throughout high school, I’ve gained leadership experience serving as Additionally, I served as Red Cross Club Historian, Debate Club Sergeant-At-Arms, Key Club Editor, and TSA Reporter. This year, I was elected Key Club Division 3S Lieutenant Governor, which means I look after a big group of clubs in Houston. I officially take office in April, and I am stoked! TSA did so much for me, attending the National Conference changed my life. Now, I want to use my skills to give back. Elect me for state office, and you help me give tons of other high-schoolers the extra-special experience I had with TSA.

Hailey Routson

Howdy Texas TSA! How do you feel? My name is Hailey Routson and I am super excited to announce my candidacy as the Texas TSA Sergeant at Arms! I have been extremely blessed to be an active member of the Technology Student Association for the past five years, during which I have served as a regional officer, helped to establish new community service projects for my chapter, help create a Middle School chapter, and served as a member of Texas TSA’s State Leadership Team. My many years involved in this wonderful organization have allowed me to create lifelong friends, unforgettable memories, and priceless real world experiences that have challenged my own understanding of the world around me. My goal is to give back to the Technology Student Association all that it has given to me. I hope that I can make all TSA members feel comfortable and welcomed at all future events as your next Sergeant at Arms! For Success Daily, Vote for Hailey as your next Sergeant at Arms!

Josefa Goldsmith

Hello Texas TSA! I’m Josefa Goldsmith from Cypress Ranch High School in Cypress, Texas, and I’m running to be your next Sergeant-at-Arms. Instead of writing about my qualifications, I’d rather tell you a short story. When I first joined TSA, I had no idea what it was or what I had to do, all I knew was that I submitted my projects into a competition and got to miss 2 days of school. However, I still saw the potential in the club, and how it could impact so many lives in a great way. I wanted to help others get as much out of TSA as one possibly could, so I strove to become a leader in my chapter. After being an officer and attending countless meetings and events, I realized just how important the social aspect is in making this a great organization. TSA wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for each and every one of our passionate and devoted members. This is why I am seeking to be your Sergeant-at-Arms; I want to make this amazing club of ours the best place for aspiring students and give the warm welcome I wish I had gotten myself.

Pablo Chavez

I have been a member of the Texas Technology Student Association (TSA) for the past 2 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. TSA has helped me become more open minded and given me the ability to communicate better. This has enabled me to be better at my job and school, by allowing me to better understand the customer and their needs. I would like to give back to TSA by being one of the officers in this prestigious organization. My goal, as Sergeant At Arm, is to give members-new and old, the same meaningful experiences as I have and aid others in becoming more confident in every aspect of their life.

Shane Johnson

Hey Texas TSA! My name is Shane Johnson, and I’m running to be your next Texas TSA Sergeant-At-Arms. I am a sophomore at Cypress Woods High School, and since the beginning of my amazing adventure with Texas TSA, I’ve forged a deep-rooted passion for it. Why? Because I’ve seen firsthand the effects this wonderful organization has had on individuals; motivating them to express themselves in their own unique way, while they strive to become better versions of who they are. Personally, TSA has encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone, broadening my experience in various forms of engineering, including anything from manufacturing to drafting. With leadership experience from my position as Vice President for my chapter, and my diverse knowledge of engineering that I’ve cultivated over the past 4 years, I’m truly confident in my abilities to deliver you high-quality, accountable leadership. With your support, together we can make a difference, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure your Texas TSA experience is something you’ll never forget! Signing off for now, your next Texas TSA Sergeant-At-Arms, Shane Johnson.

Shreemayi Undavalli

Hey Texas TSA! My name is Shreemayi Undavalli and I am running to be your next Texas Sergeant-at-Arms. I am currently in eighth grade and it is my first year of TSA. Even though it has only been a few months, TSA has taught me everything from fulfilling my task as a responsible chapter member to becoming an extraordinary leader, as a chapter officer. I have been learning what TSA really is about and as I’m going through this amazing learning process, I have discovered that TSA is much more than a Technology Student Association, that it is our future, in our hands, and that we are making a difference together. As your state Sergeant-at-Arms, I will be working to do whatever is best for the students of our organization. Selected for KORT (Knights of the Round Table) for the quality of LEAD. (St. Mary’s School, Owatonna, MN)