Texas Projects and Onsite Protest Process

Process to be determined.

Grievance Form

National Qualifying Protest Process

NQE Protest Process

In the event that something occurs during a National Qualifying Event and a protest needs to be filed here is the procedure:

  1. Get a copy of the NQE Rules Interpretation Panel Grievance form. It is in the National Events Guide and the NQE area has copies – https://tsaweb.org/competitions-programs/tsa/competition-forms
  2. The form must be filled out and submitted by an official Advisor for the chapter. No forms will be accepted from students.
  3. The form/protest must be submitted to the NQE Managers in the NQE area of the event.
  4. The NQE Managers will review the protest to decide if and what action is necessary.

Protest must be filed while the event is underway to ensure the best outcome.

If the protest concerns a modification made with the official permission of the NQE Managers and impacted all contestants equally then the protest will more than likely not result in any changes.