Important Notes

These important things to remember apply to high school NQE and middle school NQE.

  1. Students who appear in videos or in interviews must be dressed in TSA Competition Attire. This is not negotiable. Failure to do so will result in a -20% deduction on the entire entry.
  2. Chapter Team MUST wear official attire, including blazer and patch. Dress code will be checked by the video proctor.
  3. LEAP Report—LEAP IS GOOOONE! Don’t worry about LEAP!


Due to time limits and other extenuating circumstances, Texas TSA reserves the rights to make modifications on how it conducts National Qualifying Events (NQEs) at Texas TSA State Contest. Individual event coordinators must have any such modifications approved by the NQE coordinator at state contest. These may include the following:

  • Shortening the contest time or interview time allowed
  • Only having 1 round for public performance style events
  • Limiting the number of teams interviewed in the final round

Rule modifications should be procedural only and not affect the intent of the competition rules.

General Guidelines

  • The National VIRTUAL Rulebook will be followed, with adjustments for State Contest listed below in the grid.
  • Nationals Dress Code will be enforced in all NQE events. Dress code is:
    • Official TSA Blue Competition Shirt, gray pants, black socks, & black shoes
    • Females may opt to wear skirts and/or hosiery in lieu of pants and socks
  • Chapter Team must wear official TSA blazers, with patch, and the red TSA tie (males). Per National TSA, females will not be penalized for wearing the tie, but it is optional for them.
  • Ignorance of the rules and/or misunderstanding of the rules is not an excuse for a protest or additional consideration. If you are unsure of the wording of a rule, have a question, or need clarification, please email the NQE Managers at

High School National Qualifying Events

Middle School National Qualifying Events