Texas TSA on-site events use the rules as listed for each event. The event judge may explain additional regulations and procedures that effect the operation of the contest before the events take place.

Hot Rod CO2 Car Competition


Rules for the 22/23 State Conference    Hot Rod CO2 Car


CO2 Research Racer


Rules for the 22/23 State Conference  CO2 Research Racer Rev 9-21-2022



RC Vehicle


Rules for the 22/23 State Conference  RC Vehicle - Electric

Drone Competition

Here is the information for the Rover for the Drone Competition:
The TSA Rover is printed at 13% infill (10%-15% infill) and no scaling needed. It weighs around 36 grams.

Rules for the 22/23 Competition Drone Competition



Rules for the 22/23 State Conference  Catapult

On-Site Computer Skills Contest Non-NQE Events

Participating schools must supply all necessary software, hardware, paper, etc. All judging will be done on the contestants computer screen. Events such as animation’s and presentations will be demonstrated to a judge. Limited to three participants per region in each classification. These events will only be offered one time at state contest.

Graphic Solutions

This competition will test the student’s ability to solve a given problem with minimum supplies. The only items that may be taken into the contest area are: flat drawing surface, such as a clipboard, (maximum size of 12 x 16 inches), pencils and eraser. Drafting aids will not be allowed. Participants will be seated in regular folding chairs. Grid paper will be supplied.

Middle School

High School